Ruminations on God and Faith in Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers

Nearly finished with Chuck Wendig's apocalyptic tome, Wanderers, and I wanted to share a powerful exchange between two central characters (Benji, a CDC specialist, and Matthew, a broken and defeated pastor who's lost his faith). No spoilers here, just one of those heady truths we so often find in good fiction.

Late to Dinner: Simon Stålenhag

Stålenhag is a Swedish visual artist, writer, musician, and tabletop RPG designer, and it seems as though he's been churning out his creative projects for a number of years. As with much of the cool art that's out there*, I'm only learning about it now, hence the whole "late to dinner" phrase in the title.

More Cheap Reads

The Cabin at the End of the World: Eerie, intense, heart-wrenching thriller. Tension so thick you could bludgeon it with a specially hand-crafted doomsday gardening tool.

Cheap Reads

Two good ebook deals today on Amazon: 1) Train Dreams by Denis Johnson Anthony Doerr's New York Times review. 2) The Color of Water by James McBride Interview with James McBride on Global Perspectives Just under two bucks each. Check 'em out. Huzzah!