Barstow & Grand

Currently the journal's taking submissions for its third issue (in fact, this weekend it'll be free to submit), and if you have a piece of fiction or nonfiction, a poem, or a hybrid text of some type, and a connection to Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley you should send it on in.

Even More Cheap Reads

Back on that bargain extolling game: City of Thieves by David Benioff This is an older book, but one of my favorite reads from last year. Quick one, too. Perfect to ride out the last vestiges of winter, or save it for a summertime hammock session. Just under two bucks for the ebook. Huzzah!

More Cheap Reads

The Cabin at the End of the World: Eerie, intense, heart-wrenching thriller. Tension so thick you could bludgeon it with a specially hand-crafted doomsday gardening tool.

Cheap Reads

Two good ebook deals today on Amazon: 1) Train Dreams by Denis Johnson Anthony Doerr's New York Times review. 2) The Color of Water by James McBride Interview with James McBride on Global Perspectives Just under two bucks each. Check 'em out. Huzzah!

“Morning Dew” Europe ’72

He was going to hustle back to the truck, but as the band launched into "Morning Dew," the Wizard decided to stay on stage and in the moment. He describes Garcia as having tears in his eyes during the song's solo. Powerful moment. Magic.

Review: Den of Thieves

I like a good heist flick (Logan Lucky is a recent top-notch addition to the genre), but Den of Thieves missed the mark for me in a couple spots, and it's important to figure out/talk about why.

Down with the Sickness: In Which I Succumb to the Various Illnesses Circulating Throughout My Home and Workplace for the Last Month

Despite my best efforts to build and reinforce bulwarks against the season's various illnesses perpetually floating about, I managed to get sick this weekend. I'm hoping whatever this is--fingers crossed that its just a common cold--runs its course quickly. I'm doing my damnedest to show it the door with a steady combination of water, echninacea, …